About Loyalty, Friendship, Foregiveness and Due


Text: "Embraces the Moon" und "Voix de la Lune" (mit OffPlay-Inspiration von Jana)
Melodie: Packington's Pound - Unbekannter Verfasser aus dem 16. Jahhundert

(Violin InroAA)

This is a story I’m bringing to you,
About loyalty friendship, foregiveness and due.
Learn from a young Galliard whom some still should know,
Who sat here among us but a few years ago.

“Weathers the Storm” was her name amongst us
As a part of the Lion’s Den she earned respect and trust.
“The last Hope” was her pride, they fought side by side
It was for Bloodspillers soul they would sacrifice their lives.

His soul was held captive between life and death,
To bring it back to the homelands was their highest quest.
This task had to be accomplished within just one year.
But without knowing the deep Umbra their way was not that clear.

(Violin PartAA)

The needs of her family called her away
So to Erin’s Green Island her steps led her way
Just a few days she thought it would take,
But by some wyrmtainted bastards her journey was delayed.

So time’s running out, they have to take leave.
And she stayed behind full of sorrow and grief.
To her it so much felt like treason, overshadowed was her soul.
So she wanted herself to be punished for letting her pack down.

On the night of Mabon, all Garou gathered round.
She stepped into the circle, her voice calm and sound.
“Let me feel how it feels to be left by my friends.”
And with the Rite of Ostracism for her this moot ends.

(Violin PartST)

One by one, they turned away,
Discarded her face and her voice and her name.
And though she was still with them – wandering between –
Loneliness hurts and her tears remained unseen.

She walked in the shadows for a month and a day.
What was dream? What was real? There is no way to tell.
Deep in the dark forest a white hart appeared,
And she followed right after this proud spirit of deer.

Ian McManus Who fights for his Soul.
On a clering was waiting with a story to tell.
He told her an old tale quite a common but true
About loyalty, friendship, forgiveness and due.

One of four brothers once the others let down,
Stayed with his wife instead of moving to an other town.
When they did bid farewell to him, three feathers they did bequeath.
Without once looking back to him, crestfallen and early they did leave.

(Violin PartST)

Year by year, he damned that day
Untill he finally got on his way
To seek for his brothers and amend what he’d done
But a long time he was seeking and couldn’t find none.

When he did find them he came just in time.
Saved his brothers from a fire burning down their new home.
They thanked him well, the feathers were returned.
After long years of regretting condonation he found.

(Violin partAA)

She found herself in the forest at night,
With four white feathers which lay by her side.
She took them all and got on her way,
What she had to do now was as clear as the day.

She followed her pack and arrived just in time
To chatch up with them before the last fight.
They seemed not to notice, so the feathers she held out.
And within a few seconds she was bathed in light.

A strong voice was heard, “Your soul now is cleared,
Of guilt and of pain and of sorrow and fear,
In the names of wisdom and honor and truth,
You are reestablished within your Moot."

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