New World of Darkness — Booklist

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1st Edition – These are the first books of the series.
2nd Edition – These are books that contain or use the rules update made in God Machine Chronicle.
nMET – These books are for the New World of Darkness´ Mind´s Eye Theatre rules.

I also have a totally unofficial poll, what books you like to see as PoD: The PoD Wishlist.


Beast: The Primordial

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndBeast: The Primordial--2016- 
XX2ndBeast: The Primordial Condition Cards--2016- 
X--Beast: the Primordial Wallpapers--2016- 
XX2ndReady-Made Characters--2016- 
XX2ndBeast: Building a Legend--2017- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Conquering Heroes--2017- 
XX2ndBeast Player's Guide--2018- 
X-2ndBeast the Primordial Storyteller's Screen--2020- 

Changeling: The Lost

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stAutumn Nightmares1-58846-531-3WW703002007- 
XX1stChangeling: The Lost1-58846-527-6WW700002007- 
X-1stChangeling: The Lost - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-529-0 WW707012007-Available for free.
X-1stChangeling: The Lost Demo-WW709002007-Available for free.
XX1stWinter Masques1-58846-532-0WW702002007- 
XX1stEquinox Road1-58846-717-1WW702032008- 
XX1stLords of Summer1-58846-715-7WW702022008- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Grim Fears1-58846-743-0WW702052008- 
XX1stRites of Spring1-58846-246-0WW702012008- 
XX1stDancers in the Dusk1-58846-361-6WW702072009- 
XX1stGoblin Markets-WW700022009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW700012009- 
X-1stSwords at Dawn1-58846-370-2WW702082009- 
XX1stVictorian Lost-WW700062012- 
XX-Autumn Nightmares Poster--2014-A Poster
X-1stChangeling: The Lost - Storyteller Screen--2014- 
X-1stChangeling: the Lost (1e) Complete [BUNDLE] --2016-a bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
XX2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition)--2019- 
XX2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition) Condition Cards--2019- 
X-2ndChangeling: the Lost (2nd Edition) Storyteller Screen & Companion --2019- 
-X-Lost Court: Autumn (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Spring (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Summer (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
-X-Lost Court: Winter (Notebook)--2019-Notebook in CtL design
XXN/ADark Eras: Changeling the Lost Compilation--2020-This compiles Changeling chapters from Dark Eras and Dark Eras 2. 1st Edition material might not be updated to 2nd Edition.
XX2ndOak, Ash, and Thorn--2020-The Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Companion

Chronicles of Darkness

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle--2013-Rules Update for World of Darkness is abavilable here for free.
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle: Condition Cards--2013- 
XX2ndThe God-Machine Chronicle: Overly Specific Condition Cards--2014-This was Onyx Path Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2014.
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness--2015- 
XX2ndThe Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards--2015-Holiday themed condition cards
XX2ndWorld of Darkness: Gothic Icons--2015-a free product
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness Condition, Numina, and Dread Power Cards--2016- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness Tilt Cards--2016- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker--2016- 
XX2ndDark Eras--2016- 
XX2ndDark Eras: A Handful of Dust--2016-Single 'Promethean: The Created' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: A Grimm Dark Era--2017-for Changeling: The Lost
XX2ndDark Eras: After the Fall--2017-for Demon: The Descent
XX2ndDark Eras: Beneath the Skin--2017-Single Skinchangers or 'Demon: The Descent' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Companion--2017- 
XX2ndDark Eras: Doubting Souls--2017-Single 'Hunter: The Vigil' chapter from Dark Eras.
X-2ndDark Eras: Fallen Blossoms--2017-Single 'Hunter: The Vigil' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: God's Own Country--2017-for Geist: The Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: Into the Cold--2017-Single 'Demon: The Descent' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Lily, Sabre, and Thorn--2017-for Changeling: The Lost
XX2ndDark Eras: Requiem for Regina--2017-Single 'Vampire: The Requiem / Changeling: The Lost' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: Ruins of Empire--2017-Single 'Mummy: The Curse' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Bowery Dogs--2017-Single 'Werewolf: The Forsaken' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Sundered World--2017-Single 'Werewolf: The Forsaken / Mage: The Awakening' chapter from Dark Eras.
XX2ndDark Eras: The Wolf and the Raven--2017-A module for Werewolf: the Forsaken and/or Geist: the Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: Three Kingdoms of Darkness--2017-A module for Changeling: the Lost and/or Geist: the Sin-Eaters
XX2ndDark Eras: To the Strongest--2017-For Mage: The Awakening
X-2ndChronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras Storyteller's Screen--2020- 
XX2ndChronicles of Darkness: The Contagion Chronicle--2020- 
XX2ndDark Eras 2--2020- 
X-2ndDark Eras 2: Arthur's Britannia--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition, Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, and Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Edition.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: Hunger in the Black Land--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Beast: the Primordial, Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition and Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: One Thousand And One Nightmares--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition, Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, and Beast: the Primordial.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: The Scandinavian Witch Trials--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Mummy: the Curse 2nd Edition, and Geist: the Sin-Eaters.
X-2ndDark Eras 2: The Seven Wonders--2020-A single chapter of Dark Eras 2.
For Changeling: the Lost 2nd Edition and Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition.
X--The Contagion Chronicle Storyteller Screen--2021- 
X--The Contagion Chronicle Wallpaper--2021- 

Demon: The Descent

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX2ndDemon: The Descent Quickstart--2013-PDF is for free.
XX2ndDemon Seed Collection--2014- 
XX2ndDemon: The Descent--2014- 
XX2ndDemon: The Descent - Condition Cards--2014- 
X-N/ADemon: The Descent - Wallpaper--2014-A Wallpaper image file.
XX2ndFlowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide--2014- 
XX2ndHeirs to Hell--2014- 
XX2ndReady-Made Player Characters--2014- 
XX2ndSplintered City: Seattle--2014- 
XX-Demon Translation Guide--2015- 
X-2ndDemon: The Descent Storyteller's Screen--2015- 
XX2ndDemon Storyteller's Guide--2016- 
X--Starter Kit: Demon: the Descent [BUNDLE]--2016-a BUNDLE of PDFs.
XX2ndNight Horrors: Enemy Action--2018- 

Fiction (all)

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
X-VtRA Hunger Like Fire1-58846-862-3WW112352004-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #1
X-VtRBlood In, Blood Out1-58846-866-6WW112372005-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #2
X-VtRMarriage of Virtue & Viciousness1-58846-872-0WW112382005-Vampire: The Requiem Novel #3
X-CoDThree Shades of Night1-58846-870-4WW117202006-Based on World of Darkness: Chicago.
XXVtRSilent Knife--2012- 
XXCoDThe God-Machine Chronicle Anthology--2012-Anthology
XXVtRThe Strix Chronicle Anthology--2013-Anthology
XXDtDDemon: Interface--2014- 
XXPtCThe Firestorm Chronicle Anthology--2014-Anthology
XXWtFThe Idigam Chronicle Anthology--2014-Anthology
XXMtCDreams of Avarice--2015- 
XXMtAwThe Fallen World Chronicle Anthology--2015-Anthology
XXMtCDawn of Heresies--2016- 
XXCoDTales of the Dark Eras--2016-Anthology. Based on Dark Eras.
XXBtPThe Primordial Feast --2016-Anthology
XX-The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology--2017-Anthology to Changeling: The Lost
XXGtSEDeath is Not the End--2020-A Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Ed. Anthology

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stGeist: The Sin-Eaters1-58846-377-7WW605002009- 
X-1stGeist: The Sin-Eaters Quickstart1-58846-397-5WW605082009- 
XX-Ready-Made Characters--2014- 
X-2ndGeist 2e Storyteller's Screen and Reference--2020- 
XX2ndGeist: The Sin-Eaters Second Edition--2020- 
XX2ndMemento Mori--2020- 

Hunter: The Vigil

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBlock by Bloody Block-WW555882008- 
XX1stHunter: The Vigil1-58846-718-8WW555502008- 
X-1stHunter: The Vigil Quickstart — One Year Later-WW-QS-22008-Available for free.
X-1stHunter: The Vigil Quickstart — The Hunt-WW-QS-12008-Available for free.
XX1stWitch Finders1-58846-722-5WW555542008- 
X-1stCollection of Horrors [BUNDLE]-WW55584-B2009-All scenarios (not listed) also sold separately.
X-1stCollection of Horrors: Introduction-WW55584-02009-Available for free. Introduction to all the Collection of Horrors [BUNDLE] scenarios.
XX1stHorror Recognition Guide1-58846-355-5WW555602009- 
XX1stNight Stalkers1-58846-745-4WW555562009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW555652009- 
XX1stSpirit Slayers1-58846-746-1WW555572009- 
XX1stCompacts and Conspiracies-WW555662010-Chapters also sold individually (not listed).
X--Hunter: Deadly Prey Rulebook--2012-Available for free. Rulebook to a board game based on Hunter: The Vigil.
Bord game required.
XX2ndMortal Remains--2014- 
XX-Hunter: The Vigil Poster--2015- 
XX-Witch Finders Poster--2015- 
X-1stHunter: the Vigil (1e) Complete [BUNDLE]--2016-A bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
XX2ndHunter: Tooth and Nail--2017-NPCs based on Beast: The Primordial.

Mage: The Awakening

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBoston Unveiled1-58846-419-9WW402002005- 
X-1stGazing Into You1-58846-424-5WW409002005-Giveaway booklet, identical to Mage: The Awakening Demo Part 1.
XX1stMage: The Awakening1-58846-418-0WW400002005ES
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-SpanishMago El Despertar-8-49800-297-4
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-585-3WW407012005-Available for free.
XX1stSanctum and Sigil1-58846-420-2WW402012005- 
XX1stGuardians of the Veil1-58846-426-1WW403052006- 
XX1stLegacies: The Sublime1-58846-425-3WW401002006- 
XX1stReign of the Exarchs1-58846-428-8WW403062006- 
XX1stSecrets of the Ruined Temple1-58846-422-9WW403102006- 
XX1stTome of the Mysteries1-58846-429-6WW403022006- 
XX1stTome of the Watchtowers1-58846-427-XWW403012006- 
XX1stAstral Realms1-58846-435-4WW402022007- 
XX1stIntruders: Encounters With the Abyss1-58846-431-8WW403072007- 
XX1stLegacies: The Ancient1-58846-430-XWW401012007- 
XX1stMagical Traditions1-58846-433-0WW403092007- 
XX1stThe Adamantine Arrow1-58846-436-1WW401032007- 
XX1stThe Free Council1-58846-432-3WW403082007- 
XX1stThe Mysterium1-58846-434-7WW401022007- 
XX1stGrimoire of Grimoires1-58846-437-8WW402032008- 
XX1stKeys to the Supernal Tarot1-58846-439-2WW403122008- 
XX1stThe Silver Ladder1-58846-438-5WW401052008- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW400012009- 
XX1stSeers of the Throne1-58846-358-6WW403212009- 
X-1stMage Chronicler´s Guide1-58846-386-9WW403252010- 
X-1stNight Horrors: The Unbidden1-58846-378-4WW403242010- 
XX1stMage Noir-WW551062011- 
XX1stImperial Mysteries-WW400102012- 
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 1--2005-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 2--2005-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 3--2011-Available for free.
X-1stMage: The Awakening - Demo Part 4--2011-Available for free.
XX1stLeft-Hand Path--2012- 
XX1stMage Translation Guide--2013- 
XX-Boston Unveiled Poster--2014- 
XX-Reign of the Exarchs Poster--2015- 
XX2ndMage: The Awakening (2nd Edition)--2016- 
XX2ndMage: the Awakening 2nd Edition Condition and Numina Cards--2016- 
XX-Mage: The Awakening Tarot--2017-A Tarot Deck
X-2ndSigns of Sorcery--2019- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Nameless and Accursed--2020- 

Mind´s Eye Theatre

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre1-58846-522-5WW500002005- 
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre: The Requiem1-58846-523-3WW500012005- 
XXnMETMind´s Eye Theatre: The Awakening-WW500032007- 
X-nMETMind's Eye Theatre (CoD) [BUNDLE]--2016-This is a PDF Bundle

Mummy: The Curse

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stEve of Judgment--2013- 
XX1stGuildhalls of the Deathless--2013- 
XX1stMummy: The Curse--2013- 
X-1stMummy: The Curse - Interactive Character Sheets--2013-Available for free.
X-1stMummy: The Curse - Storyteller´s Screen--2013- 
XX1stMummy: The Curse Player´s Book--2013- 
XX1stBook of the Deceived--2014- 
XX1stCursed Necropolis: D.C.--2014- 
X--Mummy: the Curse - Wallpaper--2014-A Wallpaper image file.
XX1stReady-Made Player Characters--2014- 
X--Lore of the Deceived--2015-a free product
XX1stSothis Ascends--2015- 
XX-The Avarice Chronicle - Collected Edition--2015- 
X--Starter Kit: Mummy: the Curse [BUNDLE]--2016-a BUNDLE of PDFs.
XX-Cursed Necropolis: Rio--2017- 
--2ndMummy: The Curse (2nd Edition)--2019- 

Promethean: The Created

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stPandora´s Book1-58846-488-1WW603002006- 
XX1stPromethean: The Created1-58846-606-XWW600002006- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Promo-WW609002006-Available for free.
XX1stStrange Alchemies1-58846-607-8WW601002006- 
XX1stMagnum Opus1-58846-608-2WW601012007- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-544-6 WW607002007- 
XX1stSaturnine Night1-58846-609-9WW603012007- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW600012009- 
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Demo--2006-Available for free.
X-1stPromethean: The Created - Storyteller Screen--2014- 
XX2ndPromethean: The Created (2nd Edition)--2016- 
XX2ndPromethean the Created 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2017- 

SAS Adventure

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
X-1stBlood Red + Ash Gray-WW257242007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stChicago Workings1-58846-740-9WW550032007-For use with World of Darkness: Chicago.
Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation.
X-1stParlor Games1-58846-340-1WW300032007-For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
X-1stThe Resurrectionists1-58846-272-5WW257222007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stBad Night at Blackmoon Farm-WW555802008-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stCriminal Intent-WW257262008-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stLines of Power-WW409082008-For use with Mage: The Awakening.
X-1stRuins of Ur-WW559052008- 
X-1stThe Harvesters-WW559082008-Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation
X-1stThe New Kid-WW559092008-For use with World of Darkness: Innocents.
X-1stTo the Flame-WW601022008-For use with Promethean: The Created.
X-1stBlood Drive-WW555852009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-nMETCity in the Sand-WW500042009-For use with Mind´s Eye Theatre: The Requiem
X-1stMurder Will Out-WW555822009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stSpearfinger-WW555812009-For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stThe Abedju Cipher-WW400022009-For use with Mage: The Awakening.
X-1stThrough the Ebon Gate-WW605022009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
X-1stCoyote Falls-WW551042010-For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
X-1stFallen is Babylon-WW550072010-For use with World of Darkness: Inferno
X-1stPaterfamilias-WW220082010-For use with Requiem for Rome (and by extension Vampire: The Requiem).
X-1stThe Hungry Streets-WW220092010-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stInto the Void-WW256062011-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stScenes of the Embrace-WW256042011-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
XX1stThe Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium1-58846-464-4WW700042011-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
XX1stThe Harvesters Compilation1-58846-536-5WW550202011-Compiles The Harvesters and Chicago Workings.
X-1stScenes of Frenzy--2007-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
X-1stThe Fear-Maker´s Promise--2007-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
X-1stThe Rose-Bride´s Plight--2008-For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
X-1stDem Bones--2009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
X-1stSAS Support Kit--2009-Available for free.
X-1stThe House Always Wins--2009-For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
X-1stA Night with Jack--2010-Available for free.
XX1stFalling Scales Chapter One--2012- 
XX1stFalling Scales Chapter Two--2012- 
XX1stThe Resurrectionists Collection--2012-Compiles The Resurrectionists and Criminal Intend.
X-1stBloodthirsty Adventures (1e) [BUNDLE]--2016-For use with Vampire: The Requiem.

Vampire: The Requiem

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stVampire: The Requiem1-58846-247-1WW250002004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-GermanVampire: Requiem20053-93725-532-X
X-1stVampire: The Requiem - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-598-5WW257012004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanRequiem: Charakterbögen20053-93725-547-8
Available for free.
XX1stBloodlines: The Hidden1-58846-255-2WW251022005FR, DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XXFrenchLignées: Les Occultes--
--GermanBlutlinien: Die Verborgenen20063-93725-567-2
Bloodlines also sold separately (not listed).
XX1stCity of the Damned: New Orleans1-58846-248-XWW252002005- 
XX1stLancea Sanctum1-58846-249-8WW250012005FR, DE, IT
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XXFrenchLancea Sanctum--
--GermanLancea Sancta20053-93725-550-8
--ItalianLancea Sanctum20058-88288-140-7
XX1stOrdo Dracul1-58846-257-9WW251202005- 
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stBloodlines: The Legendary1-58846-260-9WW251032006- 
XX1stCircle of the Crone1-58846-263-3WW253052006- 
XX1stRequiem Chronicler´s Guide1-58846-261-7WW253022006- 
XX1stBelial´s Brood1-58846-266-8WW251112007- 
XX1stBloodlines: The Chosen1-58846-269-5WW251042007- 
XX1stDamnation City1-58846-267-1WW253062007- 
XX1stRequiem for Rome1-58846-270-1WW251402007- 
X-1stThe Blood1-58846-268-8WW250022007- 
XX1stFall of the Camarilla1-58846-271-1WW253072008-For Vampire: The Requiem
XX1stKiss of the Succubus: Daeva1-58846-352-4WW251152008- 
XX1stLords Over the Damned: Ventrue1-58846-273-2WW251122008- 
XX1stSavage and Macabre: Gangrel1-58846-353-2WW251162008- 
X-1stAncient Bloodlines1-58846-364-8WW253122009- 
X-1stAncient Mysteries1-58846-357-5WW253112009- 
X-1stNight Horrors: Count F****** Dracula-WW00CFD2009-Available for free.
X-1stNight Horrors: Immortal Sinners1-58846-449-0WW253082009- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Wicked Dead1-58846-374-6WW 253132009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW220022009- 
XX1stThe Beast That Haunts the Blood: Nosferatu1-58846-351-6WW251142009- 
XX1stInvite Only1-58846-392-3WW 253152010- 
XX1stVampire Translation Guide-WW 256032010- 
XX1stThe Danse Macabre-WW 256042011- 
XX1stThe Testament of Longinus-WW220072012- 
XX1stRites of the Dragon1-58846-254-4-2004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanRiten des Drachen20053-93725-544-3
X-1stVampire: The Requiem - Demo--2004-Available for free.
Also available in parts (not listed).
XX1stVampire: The Requiem for Dummies0-47003-745-4-2006- 
X-1stDamnation City: District Map Segments--2007-Available for free.
XX1stNew Wave Requiem--2009- 
XX1stShadows in the Dark: Mekhet--2009- 
X-1stRequiem for Rome - Errata--2010-Also Errata for Fall of the Camarilla.
Available for free.
X--Vampire: Prince of the City Rulebook--2010-Available for free. Rules to a separately sold board game.
XX1stStrange, Dead Love--2011- 
XX1stBlood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies--2012- 
X--Vampire: Dark Influences Rulebook--2012-Available for free. Rules for a separately sold board game.
--2ndBlood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle--2013-Ceased to be sold on November 19, 2014. Replaced by Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition.
XX2ndReap the Whirlwind--2013-PDF available for free.
XX2nd Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition --2014-previously named Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle.
Blood and Smoke: the Strix Chronicle still listed for reference but DriveThruCode is reused for this book.
XX-New Wave Requiem Poster--2014- 
XX2ndVampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2014-previously named Blood and Smoke Condition Cards
X-2ndVampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Storyteller's Screen--2014-previously named Blood and Smoke Storyteller's Screen
X-1stRequiem Bloodlines (1e) [BUNDLE]--2016-contains
XX2ndSecrets of the Covenants--2016- 
XX-Half Damned--2017- 
XX2ndThousand Years of Night--2017- 
XX2ndGuide to the Night--2018- 
XX2ndNight Horrors: Spilled Blood--2020- 

Werewolf: The Forsaken

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stBlood of the Wolf1-58846-329-XWW303012005- 
XX1stHunting Ground: The Rockies1-58846-325-7WW302002005- 
XX1stLodges: The Faithful1-58846-330-3WW301012005- 
XX1stLore of the Forsaken1-58846-327-3WW301002005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Mythen der Parias20063-93725-581-8
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Raubtiere20063-93725-563-X
XX1stWerewolf: The Forsaken1-58846-324-9WW300002005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria20053-93725-552-4
X-1stWerewolf: The Forsaken - Character Sheet Pad1-58846-594-2WW307022005DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
--GermanWerwolf: Paria - Charakterbögen20053-93725-562-1
Available for free.
X-1stLodges: The Splintered1-58846-337-0WW301022006- 
XX1stThe Pure1-58846-336-2WW301102006- 
XX1stThe Rage: Forsaken Player´s Guide1-58846-338-9WW300012007- 
XX1stThe War Against the Pure1-58846-339-5WW303062007- 
XX1stTribes of the Moon1-58846-742-3WW301032008- 
XX1stNight Horrors: Wolfsbane-WW301052009- 
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW300022009- 
XX1stSigns of the Moon1-58846-375-3WW301062010- 
XX1stForsaken Chronicler´s Guide-WW551082011- 
X-1stWerewolf: The Forsaken - Demo--2005-Available for free.
XX1stWerewolf Translation Guide--2012- 
X-1stWerewolf the Forsaken Storyteller Screen--2014- 
XX-Forsaken Howls in the Night Poster--2015- 
XX-Forsaken Hunting Grounds Poster--2015- 
XX-Hunting Ground: the Rockies Poster--2015- 
XX2ndWerewolf: The Forsaken (2nd Edition)--2015- 
X-2ndThe Pack--2016- 
XX2ndWerewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition Condition Cards--2016- 

World of Darkness

PDFPrintEditionTitleISBNWW CodeRelease YearTranslationsNotes
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Antagonists1-58846-478-4WW553012004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Ghost Stories1-58846-483-0WW554002004- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook1-58846-476-8WW550002004DE
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-GermanWelt der Dunkelheit20043-93725-531-1
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Chicago1-58846-479-2WW552002005- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Mysterious Places1-58846-485-7WW553022005FR
PDFPrintLanguageTitleRelease YearISBN
X-FrenchLe Monde des Ténèbres: Lieux étranges et mysterieux--
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Armory1-58846-486-5WW551022006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Second Sight1-58846-487-3WW551002006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of Mexico1-58846-264-1WW252012006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of the United Kingdom1-58846-334-6WW302022006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Skinchangers1-58846-335-4WW303052006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Tales from the 13th Precinct1-58846-480-6WW550012006- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Asylum1-58846-491-0WW552042007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Book of Spirits1-58846-490-3WW552022007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Changing Breeds1-58846-493-4WW551032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Reliquary1-58846-492-7WW552032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Urban Legends1-58846-489-7WW553032007- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Dogs of War1-58846-714-0WW552062008- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Innocents1-58846-713-3WW550042008-This is a complete rulebook, specialised for children aged 7 to 12 as characters.
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Midnight Roads1-58846-712-6WW552052008- 
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Shadows of Iceland-WWICELAND2008-White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2008. Free item.
X-1stReady-Made Player Characters-WW550052009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Armory Reloaded1-58846-362-3WW552082009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Book of the Dead1-58846-382-1WW505012009- 
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Immortals1-58846-368-5WW550022009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Inferno1-58846-356-2WW552072009- 
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Slasher1-58846-744-7WW555552009-Also for Hunter: The Vigil.
X-1stDudes of Legend: How to Be Fucking Awesome-WWoRLY?2010-This was White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2010. Free Sample available here.
XX1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors1-58846-383-4WW552102010- 
XX1stGlimpses of the Unknown-WW551072011- 
XX1stNightmare on Hill Manor-WW552112011-PDF is free. Was contribution to Free RPG Day 2011.
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors - Bleeding Edge-WW55210-12011-World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
X-1stWorld of Darkness: Mirrors - Infinite Macabre-WW55210-22011-World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
--1stProverbial Monsters--2009-Seems to be removed from catalouge, was PDF-exclusive.
XX-World of Darkness: Dogs of War Poster--2015- 
X-1stWar Is Hell [BUNDLE]--2016-a bundle of PDFs contains
  • New World of Darkness Rulebook (1st Edition)
  • Ruins of Ur (World of Darkness)
  • World of Darkness: Armory
  • World of Darkness: Armory Reloaded
  • World of Darkness: Dogs of War
X-1stChicago Horror Stories [BUNDLE]--2017-A Chicago-themed bundle including some core rulebooks.
--1stFor 2nd Edition see "Chronicles of Darkness"--8888-