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New World of Darkness — PoD-Wishlist

This completly unofficial whishlist allows you to mark what books you'd like to see as PoD. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. This especially applies to ISBN, WW Code and Year of Publication.

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You can either vote a book up (+1 vote) or down (-1 vote) or let it be (+0 vote). It isn't really useful to vote down all books you don't want as PoD but just those you feel strongly about, like those who are in a compliation and you want the compilation as PoD not the single issue.
If you look for a specific book, feel free to use the browsers build-in search functionality (usually accesible by pressing Ctrl+F).

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Select your book here for a simple +1, or choose from the list below:

RankValueVotesVote!TitleSeriesISBNWW CodeRelease YearNotes
Proverbial MonstersWorld of Darkness--2009Seems to be removed from catalouge, was PDF-exclusive.
A Hunger Like FireFiction (all)1-58846-862-3WW112352004Vampire: The Requiem Novel #1
A Night with JackSAS Adventure--2010Available for free.
Ancient BloodlinesVampire: The Requiem1-58846-364-8WW253122009 
Ancient MysteriesVampire: The Requiem1-58846-357-5WW253112009 
Bad Night at Blackmoon FarmSAS Adventure-WW555802008For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
Beast the Primordial Storyteller's ScreenBeast: The Primordial--2020 
Beast: the Primordial WallpapersBeast: The Primordial--2016 
Blood DriveSAS Adventure-WW555852009For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
Blood In, Blood OutFiction (all)1-58846-866-6WW112372005Vampire: The Requiem Novel #2
Blood Red + Ash GraySAS Adventure-WW257242007For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Bloodthirsty Adventures (1e) [BUNDLE]SAS Adventure--2016For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Changeling: the Lost (1e) Complete [BUNDLE] Changeling: The Lost--2016a bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
Changeling: the Lost (2nd Edition) Storyteller Screen & Companion Changeling: The Lost--2019 
Changeling: The Lost - Character Sheet PadChangeling: The Lost1-58846-529-0 WW707012007Available for free.
Changeling: The Lost - Storyteller ScreenChangeling: The Lost--2014 
Changeling: The Lost DemoChangeling: The Lost-WW709002007Available for free.
Chicago Horror Stories [BUNDLE]World of Darkness--2017A Chicago-themed bundle including some core rulebooks.
Chicago WorkingsSAS Adventure1-58846-740-9WW550032007For use with World of Darkness: Chicago.
Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation.
Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras Storyteller's ScreenChronicles of Darkness--2020 
City in the SandSAS Adventure-WW500042009For use with Mind´s Eye Theatre: The Requiem
Collection of Horrors [BUNDLE]Hunter: The Vigil-WW55584-B2009All scenarios (not listed) also sold separately.
Coyote FallsSAS Adventure-WW551042010For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
Criminal IntentSAS Adventure-WW257262008For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Damnation City: District Map SegmentsVampire: The Requiem--2007Available for free.
Dark Eras: Fallen BlossomsChronicles of Darkness--2017Single 'Hunter: The Vigil' chapter from Dark Eras.
Dem BonesSAS Adventure--2009For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
Demon: The Descent Storyteller's ScreenDemon: The Descent--2015 
Dudes of Legend: How to Be Fucking AwesomeWorld of Darkness-WWoRLY?2010This was White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2010. Free Sample available here.
Fallen is BabylonSAS Adventure-WW550072010For use with World of Darkness: Inferno
For 2nd Edition see "Chronicles of Darkness"World of Darkness--8888 
Gazing Into YouMage: The Awakening1-58846-424-5WW409002005Giveaway booklet, identical to Mage: The Awakening Demo Part 1.
Geist 2e Storyteller's Screen and ReferenceGeist: The Sin-Eaters--2020 
Geist: The Sin-Eaters QuickstartGeist: The Sin-Eaters1-58846-397-5WW605082009 
Hunter: Deadly Prey RulebookHunter: The Vigil--2012Available for free. Rulebook to a board game based on Hunter: The Vigil.
Bord game required.
Hunter: the Vigil (1e) Complete [BUNDLE]Hunter: The Vigil--2016A bundle of PDFs from 1st Edition
Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart — One Year LaterHunter: The Vigil-WW-QS-22008Available for free.
Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart — The HuntHunter: The Vigil-WW-QS-12008Available for free.
Into the VoidSAS Adventure-WW256062011For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Lines of PowerSAS Adventure-WW409082008For use with Mage: The Awakening.
Lodges: The SplinteredWerewolf: The Forsaken1-58846-337-0WW301022006 
Lore of the DeceivedMummy: The Curse--2015a free product
Mage Chronicler´s GuideMage: The Awakening1-58846-386-9WW403252010 
Mage: The Awakening - Character Sheet PadMage: The Awakening1-58846-585-3WW407012005Available for free.
Mage: The Awakening - Demo Part 1Mage: The Awakening--2005Available for free.
Mage: The Awakening - Demo Part 2Mage: The Awakening--2005Available for free.
Mage: The Awakening - Demo Part 3Mage: The Awakening--2011Available for free.
Mage: The Awakening - Demo Part 4Mage: The Awakening--2011Available for free.
Marriage of Virtue & ViciousnessFiction (all)1-58846-872-0WW112382005Vampire: The Requiem Novel #3
Mind's Eye Theatre (CoD) [BUNDLE]Mind´s Eye Theatre--2016This is a PDF Bundle
Mummy: The Curse (2nd Edition)Mummy: The Curse--2019 
Mummy: The Curse - Interactive Character SheetsMummy: The Curse--2013Available for free.
Mummy: The Curse - Storyteller´s ScreenMummy: The Curse--2013 
Murder Will OutSAS Adventure-WW555822009For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
Night Horrors: Count F****** DraculaVampire: The Requiem-WW00CFD2009Available for free.
Night Horrors: Immortal SinnersVampire: The Requiem1-58846-449-0WW253082009 
Night Horrors: The UnbiddenMage: The Awakening1-58846-378-4WW403242010 
Parlor GamesSAS Adventure1-58846-340-1WW300032007For use with Werewolf: The Forsaken.
PaterfamiliasSAS Adventure-WW220082010For use with Requiem for Rome (and by extension Vampire: The Requiem).
Promethean: The Created - Character Sheet PadPromethean: The Created1-58846-544-6 WW607002007 
Promethean: The Created - DemoPromethean: The Created--2006Available for free.
Promethean: The Created - PromoPromethean: The Created-WW609002006Available for free.
Promethean: The Created - Storyteller ScreenPromethean: The Created--2014 
Ready-Made Player CharactersWorld of Darkness-WW550052009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersChangeling: The Lost-WW700012009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersHunter: The Vigil-WW555652009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersPromethean: The Created-WW600012009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersWerewolf: The Forsaken-WW300022009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersMage: The Awakening-WW400012009 
Ready-Made Player CharactersVampire: The Requiem-WW220022009 
Requiem Bloodlines (1e) [BUNDLE]Vampire: The Requiem--2016contains
Requiem for Rome - ErrataVampire: The Requiem--2010Also Errata for Fall of the Camarilla.
Available for free.
Ruins of UrSAS Adventure-WW559052008 
SAS Support KitSAS Adventure--2009Available for free.
Scenes of FrenzySAS Adventure--2007For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Scenes of the EmbraceSAS Adventure-WW256042011For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
Signs of SorceryMage: The Awakening--2019 
SpearfingerSAS Adventure-WW555812009For use with Hunter: The Vigil.
Starter Kit: Demon: the Descent [BUNDLE]Demon: The Descent--2016a BUNDLE of PDFs.
Starter Kit: Mummy: the Curse [BUNDLE]Mummy: The Curse--2016a BUNDLE of PDFs.
SummonersMage: The Awakening1-58846-365-6WW403222009 
Swords at DawnChangeling: The Lost1-58846-370-2WW702082009 
The Abedju CipherSAS Adventure-WW400022009For use with Mage: The Awakening.
The BloodVampire: The Requiem1-58846-268-8WW250022007 
The Fear-Maker´s PromiseSAS Adventure--2007For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
The HarvestersSAS Adventure-WW559082008Compiled in The Harvesters Compilation
The House Always WinsSAS Adventure--2009For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
Available for free.
The Hungry StreetsSAS Adventure-WW220092010For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
The New KidSAS Adventure-WW559092008For use with World of Darkness: Innocents.
The PackWerewolf: The Forsaken--2016 
The ResurrectionistsSAS Adventure1-58846-272-5WW257222007For use with Vampire: The Requiem.
The Rose-Bride´s PlightSAS Adventure--2008For use with Changeling: The Lost.
Complied in The Fear-Maker´s Promise Compendium.
Three Shades of NightFiction (all)1-58846-870-4WW117202006Based on World of Darkness: Chicago.
Through the Ebon GateSAS Adventure-WW605022009For use with Geist: The Sin-Eaters.
To the FlameSAS Adventure-WW601022008For use with Promethean: The Created.
Vampire: Dark Influences RulebookVampire: The Requiem--2012Available for free. Rules for a separately sold board game.
Vampire: Prince of the City RulebookVampire: The Requiem--2010Available for free. Rules to a separately sold board game.
Vampire: The Requiem - Character Sheet PadVampire: The Requiem1-58846-598-5WW257012004Available for free.
Vampire: The Requiem - DemoVampire: The Requiem--2004Available for free.
Also available in parts (not listed).
Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Storyteller's ScreenVampire: The Requiem--2014previously named Blood and Smoke Storyteller's Screen
War Is Hell [BUNDLE]World of Darkness--2016a bundle of PDFs contains
  • New World of Darkness Rulebook (1st Edition)
  • Ruins of Ur (World of Darkness)
  • World of Darkness: Armory
  • World of Darkness: Armory Reloaded
  • World of Darkness: Dogs of War
Werewolf the Forsaken Storyteller ScreenWerewolf: The Forsaken--2014 
Werewolf: The Forsaken - Character Sheet PadWerewolf: The Forsaken1-58846-594-2WW307022005Available for free.
Werewolf: The Forsaken - DemoWerewolf: The Forsaken--2005Available for free.
World of Darkness: ImmortalsWorld of Darkness1-58846-368-5WW550022009 
World of Darkness: Mirrors - Bleeding EdgeWorld of Darkness-WW55210-12011World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
World of Darkness: Mirrors - Infinite MacabreWorld of Darkness-WW55210-22011World of Darkness: Mirrors not required.
World of Darkness: Shadows of IcelandWorld of Darkness-WWICELAND2008White Wolf Publishing´s April Fool´s joke for 2008. Free item.
Blood and Smoke: The Strix ChronicleVampire: The Requiem--2013Ceased to be sold on November 19, 2014. Replaced by Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition.
Collection of Horrors: IntroductionHunter: The Vigil-WW55584-02009Available for free. Introduction to all the Collection of Horrors [BUNDLE] scenarios.
Demon: The Descent - WallpaperDemon: The Descent--2014A Wallpaper image file.
Mummy: the Curse - WallpaperMummy: The Curse--2014A Wallpaper image file.