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A Song of Ice and Fire - Armor Comparer
  1. 1. Enter stats for an exemplary attacker.
  2. 2. Enter two sets of 'Combat Defenses' and 'Armor Ratings' you want to compare.
  3. 3. Click "Compare".
  4. 4. The result overview shows how likely it is to get a certain amout of damage infliced and calculates the average damage each set of armor takes.

Combat Dice:D+B
Common NPC stats for the attacker
Armor Ratings to compare
Set 1
Combat Defense 1:
Armor Rating 1:
Health 1:
Set 2
Combat Defense 2:
Armor Rating 2:
Health 2:
Defensive Stats calculator
6 Combat Defense
0 Armor Rating
6 Health
0 Bulk

Basic Stats:


Off-Hand defensive weaopn/shield:

Acrobatic Defense (needs lesser action) - Acrobatics Speciality Rank:
Anointed (short term effect can't be calculated)
Armor Mastery
→ Improved Armor Mastery
Blood of the Rhoyne
Braavosi Fighter I (+1 Bonus on Combat Defense assumed)
→ Braavosi Fighter II (random effect can't be calculated)
Shield Mastery - Shield Speciality Rank:
Water Dancer III - Fencing Speciality Rank:

Probabilities taken from
The database only has probabilities listed for a maximum amount of 19 dice.
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